In the blink of an eye we find ourselves in Hawaii. Poke Bros comes from the very heart of the Pacific. A gastronomical boom that has everything: it’s healthy, it’s fancy and has that alluring exotic touch. Haven’t you been there yet? It’s time for you to become a bowl regular: marinated raw fish on a base of rice or quinoa, accompained with fresh produce such as algae or cucumber. In our market you can customize it any way you want: chicken, tuna, salmon and also a veggie tofu version. Add a base, fresh ingredients, sauce and the toppings you like the most and bon appetit!

Without moving from the stand we travel to Brasil. There’s where açaí comes from. An exeptional fruit with antioxidant properties, protein, vitamins and minerals. Don’t be shy and order your açaí bowl with your favorite ingredients. It’s quite an experience, we can tell you that.

We are healthy lovers!