The market

Conceived as an extension of the street, we invite you to take a look around and discover it’s every nook and cranny. Walk around, look into the stands and enjoy the best fresh produce prepared in the moment the traditional way.

We invite you to travel around the world enjoying the dishes offered by our 10 stands, our wine cellar and our bar. The common thread: the quality of the ingredients, an affordable price, the swift service and the great aftertaste that will make you come back.

In Mercado San Valero you decide what to eat and how to do it. Will you sit at the table or take it on your journey around the city? Here, you choose.

The stands

Lovers of a good meal, fresh produce and quality, of special ingredients, surprising tastes and secret recipes: this is your place! A different market dedicated to every one of you, no matter how you are.

Those of a more carnivorous nature, those that bet on the classics, the gourmands, the healthy ones and the veggies. Those that would kill for the sweetest things or the mixture of flavors. In this market there’s a place for everyone.

Wine cellar and bar

Welcome to one of our favorite spots! The perfect place to mix with any of the dishes you have chosen. In our wine cellar you will find carefully selected offer and the advice of a professional that will guide your choice. Oh! And you can order wine in a bottle or per glass.

Order a freshly crafted Heineken in our bar. Expertly served and delicious! The innovator Fresh Draught system takes beer directly from the brewery to your glass, at an optimal temperature that maintains all its flavor. But this is not the only one. There’s much more to try…